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How to write a great tweet that delivers

by Andrew Knowles on 01-Aug-2013.
With thousands of tweets being posted every second, what are the chances of someone reading yours? Yet every day millions of great tweets are delivering tangible results for their senders.
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How to write an outstanding CV

by Andrew Knowles on 30-Jul-2013.
Your CV is perhaps the most important document in your career. It causes doors to opportunities to be opened, or closed.
Writecombination Social Media

Avoid making this common mistake on Twitter

by Andrew Knowles on 29-Jul-2013.
Mentioning others in your tweets can be a powerful networking technique, but get it wrong and you risk damaging your credibility.
Writecombination Social Media

How to link to a specific Facebook post

by Andrew Knowles on 23-Jul-2013.
Would your Dorset business benefit from an inexpensive introduction to Twitter? Course offered in partnership with Budmouth College, Weymouth.
Writecombination Social Media

How to recover from a damaging Twitter hack

by Andrew Knowles on 04-Jun-2013.
At best, having your Twitter account hacked is a minor inconvenience. As worst, it can gouge a hole in your credibility. You can limit the damage through how you respond.

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