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A very short introduction to Twitter

by Andrew Knowles on 01-Mar-2012.
I’ve used various metaphors to describe Twitter to people. It’s like entering a vast room packed with millions of people. It’s a giant conversation that you can dip into when you choose to.
Writecombination Social Media

Why should I use Twitter?

by Andrew Knowles on 21-Sep-2012.
To get any value from Twitter you need to have some idea of what you want from it.
Writecombination Social Media

Why your profile picture matters

by Andrew Knowles on 09-Apr-2012.
Have you ever thought about the first impression people receive when they look at your profile picture?
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Using social media to market your business

by Andrew Knowles on 12-Jun-2012.
You’ve decided to have a crack at marketing your business through social media. The next question is which social media? Facebook, Twitter or your own blog are probably the most obvious channels. But there’s no shortage of alternatives, such as: YouTube, Linkedin, forums, or question and answer sites. From this overwhelming choice you have to focus on just one or two, at least to start with.
Writecombination Marketing

How to keep people looking at your website for longer

by Andrew Knowles on 27-Nov-2011.
Your website won’t bring the results you want if it doesn’t answer the question. What question? The one in the visitor's mind when your site springs into view on their browser. They won’t have found their way to your website by accident. They’ll have come with a purpose and behind that purpose is a question.

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