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How to choose the right social media training

by Andrew Knowles on 10-Nov-2014.
Here are the issues you should consider before your organisation embarks on training in social media.
Writecombination Social Media

How to use a hashtag

by Andrew Knowles on 21-Aug-2014.
Learn how to use the hashtag, that misunderstood yet powerful social media connector, to broaden your reach on networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Google+.
Writecombination Social Media

3 ways to find the time for social media marketing

by Andrew Knowles on 02-Jun-2014.
Small businesses struggle to find the time for social media. Here are some tips that will help you to make the time you need to be effective.
Writecombination Copywriting

Copywriting: how long does it take?

by Andrew Knowles on 08-May-2014.
Copywriting takes time, but how much time? The answer depends on several significant factors.
Writecombination Social Media

Reclaim your social media presence

by Andrew Knowles on 25-Feb-2014.
Do you know how many social media accounts have been set up in the name of your business over the last few years? It's time to take control of your brand in the social space.

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