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Why your call to action does not work

by Andrew Knowles on 22-Sep-2015.
A call to action isn't enough. You have to make it really, really easy to take that action.
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Why you're missing out on Facebook likes and reviews

by Andrew Knowles on 03-Feb-2015.
Your Facebook Page can be a powerful digital marketing tool. But it's impact may be diluted by duplicate Pages you don't know about.
Writecombination Social Media

Discover three secret powers of Twitter

by Andrew Knowles on 20-Jan-2015.
Twitter really is good for you. The social network has hidden powers that make a positive difference in the lives of many of its users.
Writecombination Social Media

Using Instagram for business: 7 useful articles

by Andrew Knowles on 08-Jan-2015.
Is it time to start using Instagram as a digital marketing channel? With more engagement than Twitter, the photo and video network is proving hugely effective.
Writecombination Social Media

Managing your social media: Hootsuite v Tweetdeck

by Andrew Knowles on 17-Nov-2014.
Need a tool to help you stay on top of your social media activities? Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are two popular choices and it's important to be aware of the differences between them.

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