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by Andrew Knowles

5 reasons why you should outsource your social media

My advice to prospective social media clients is not to outsource their social media, but to run it in-house. There are lots of great reasons and I’ve put some of them into this post: '5 reasons NOT to outsource your social media'.

Despite my advice, my business does manage the day-to-day social media activities for some clients. They’ve decided outsourcing is the right thing to do, at the present time.

Here are some of the reasons your business or organization might choose to outsource your social media:

1. Buy time

Small firms, including sole traders, don’t have time to learn or manage their social media activities. But they want an active presence on the major networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

By outsourcing your social media, you’re making sure that your messages are going out, you’re taking questions and comments from customers, and you’re gaining followers. All without you needing to understand exactly how the networks operate.

2. Maximize the expertise

Almost every business and organization thinks it should be on social media. Some have a clear idea of the network they want to use, and even how they want to go about running the account.

But is it the right network? Just because you are personally comfortable with, say, Facebook doesn’t mean it’s where your customers are. As for running the account, many businesses start with promotional messages, but experience shows that’s not the right way to generate interest.

By working with an experienced social media consultant or company, you can secure the advantage of expert knowledge, helping you to get results much faster.

3. Find clarity of purpose

“I’m not sure what to tweet about,” is a common complaint from businesses desperate to liven up their Twitter account. 

Outsourcing forces clarity because the individual or organization you’re outsourcing to will ask what you’re looking to achieve, the tone and style you want to adopt, and how you plan to measure success. You’re unlikely to have answers to these questions, but these experts will help you find them.

Giving your social media activities a clear sense of purpose will strengthen your social media voice in the areas that are important to you.

4. Harness creativity

Social media is a fast-moving environment, where real-time responses can make a huge difference. It’s also a world where new systems and tools arrive almost daily.

Because they work with a variety of clients and are very focused on what’s happening in social media, providers of social media outsourcing have a good idea of what’s working today, allowing you to take advantage of this.

5. Measure the return on investment

How do you know you’re getting value from the money you’re spending on social media marketing? This tough question deters organizations from getting started, because they want the assurance that the spend won’t be wasted.

By outsourcing your social media, you’re also outsourcing the return on investment (ROI) question. Your social media service provider will be keen to demonstrate the ROI, because they want to keep your business. It’s in their interests to have mechanisms that track the results of social media activity, and to be proactive about getting measurable results.

Read the other side of the argument: click here for '5 reasons NOT to outsource you social media'.

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