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by Andrew Knowles

5 reasons why you're not getting more followers on Twitter

1. You’re not a celebrity tweeter

Sorry, there’s not a lot you can do about that, unless you can find a quick route into the machine converting ordinary people into personalities that others want to follow. A recent example of celebrity success is the new Twitter account of Michelle Obama, @FLOTUS, which has posted 54 tweets and has over 244,000 followers.

That said, if your name carries any weight in particular circles, be sure to let them know you’re on Twitter.

(If, like me, you’re curious as to why Mrs Obama uses @FLOTUS, it shouldn’t take too long to work out. She’s the First Lady).

2. You don’t post very often

After failing to be a celebrity, this has to be the second most common reason for not growing a Twitter following. It’s like going to a party full of strangers, sitting silently in the corner all evening, and then complaining that no one talked to you.

If you’re serious about getting noticed on Twitter, post several times a day and not all at the same time. 

3. You’re not nice to look at

Don’t take that personally. If your profile picture is dull, unflattering or absent, you’re immediately less interesting. The same goes for your Twitter bio. Don’t leave it empty, and don’t bore others by telling them how many children, dogs and chickens you have. Unless you want to be followed by people who like that sort of information.

4. Your timeline is full of yourself 

You tweet a lot, you’ve got a great picture and good bio, but you are still not getting followers? Take a look at the content of your tweets. If it’s all about you - I did this, I did that, we sell this, we sell that - it’s not surprising you’re finding it hard to make friends.

Show an interest in other people. Reply to them, retweet them, ask questions. Yes, this all takes time. You didn’t believe those who said that Twitter was a free way to market yourself, did you? It can be very effective, but you need to invest time.

5. You don’t know who you’re talking to

Celebrities have it really easy on Twitter. They get lots of followers quickly because their fans want to hear what they have to say. The good news is that the same principle can work for you. People will want to follow you because of what you have to say.

Maybe your tweets are full of useful advice. Or packed with information (or with links to good information elsewhere). Or just really funny. Whichever it is, your posts will appeal to certain people - those who want to know about the subjects you’re sharing about, or who will laugh at your jokes.

By aiming your tweets at certain groups of people, you’re much more likely to get their attention, and their follows. Over time, you can build a strong following in a particular community and then you too, perhaps in a very small way, could become a celebrity tweeter.

If you're still struggling to make Twitter work for you or your business, our book 'Become really effective on Twitter in just 5 days' could be just what you need. 

Update: Here are three more reasons why your Twitter follower numbers are not going up.


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