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9 different types of tweet

This is an excerpt from 'Become Really Effective on Twitter in Just 5 Days', our step-by-step guide to developing a Twitter habit that will boost your presence on this powerful social network. 

1. A standard tweet contains up to 140 characters. It could be as simple as: ‘I’ve just had a fantastic meeting with my boss’.

2. A mention tweet includes the name of at least one other Twitter user. ‘I’ve just had a fantastic meeting with @rachel_writer_, my boss’.

3. A ‘reply’ tweet starts with someone’s Twitter name. ‘@rachel_writer_ Thanks for the fantastic meeting’. 

Important: Remember that a reply tweet is not sent to all your followers. It is sent to the person named at the start of the tweet, and any follower of yours who is also a follower of theirs. However, your tweet is not private and is visible to anyone performing a search, or looking at the tweets you have sent.

4. A direct message is a private tweet, visible only to the recipient. You can only send a direct message to someone who follows you. ‘@rachel_writer_ I appreciate you taking the time to help with those work issues’. 

5. A retweet is where you forward to your followers a tweet sent by someone else. 

6. A thank you tweet is where you thank another tweeter for doing something, such as retweeting one of your messages, or sharing some useful advice or information. There is no obligation to say ‘thank you’, but it’s polite.

7. A sharing tweet contains a link to a useful or entertaining website. Long links are often shortened automatically by Twitter or others tweeting tools. ‘I’ve just had a fantastic meeting with my boss who recommended this website http:// ow.ly/auvDM’ 

8. A hashtag tweet contains a hashtag, which is simply a way of tagging a tweet with potentially useful information or emotion. ‘I’ve just had a fantastic meeting with my boss #appraisal #payrise #yippee’

9. A spam tweet. From time to time you’ll get a tweet with your name at the front, often a fairly random comment, and a link. If the tweet is from a stranger, don’t click on the link. It is quite probably going to take you to somewhere unpleasant.

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