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Another 3 reasons why you're not getting more followers on Twitter

Almost everyone using Twitter to promote their business, their cause or their opinions wants more followers. 

Last week, I wrote about five challenges you must overcome to generate more interest in your Twitter account, starting with the really obvious (you’re not a celebrity) and including others that are common problems, such as not knowing who you are directing your tweets at.

Here are another three issues that could be keeping your follower count lower than you’d like.

1. You’re not part of a Twitter networking circle

Every Saturday morning, between 8 and 9.15am (UK time) lots of tweeters start sending out tweets including the hashtag #satchat. They talk about anything and everything: the weather, their weekend plans, what they like for breakfast, and their businesses. 

Participants joining in this virtual, informal event discover new contacts they want to follow, and others find them. 

#satchat is just one example of the many Twitter networking circles. Some occur at specific times, others run continually. Look up #purplebiz or #biztalk and you’ll see lots of tweets about and between small firms.

No one owns a hashtag and no one controls who can join in these meetings, or rolling discussions. Come and go as you please. If you’re looking for more followers, getting involved in one or more of these circles will definitely help.

To find out more about hashtags, click here.

2. You have chosen ‘Protect my Tweets’

Newcomers to social media, alert to the dangers of giving away too much personal information online, are tempted to select the Twitter privacy option.

Here’s what happens if you turn this option on:

  • You must approve every request by someone to follow you.
  • Only people that you have approved can see your tweets.
  • Your tweets will not be found by people searching Twitter or Google.
  • Your tweets cannot be retweeted by your followers. 

The last two of the above points do real damage to anyone hoping to get noticed while protecting their tweets. Search and retweets are two big sources of new followers, so disabling them significantly reduces your visibility.

3. You use TrueTwit

Twitter users can sign up for TrueTwit, a free service that forces new followers to prove they are human. It claims to help protect from spam. 

This sounds like a really good idea, until you think about it. Firstly, it adds another step for followers to take before they can be added to your list. Any extra step will deter some, and the TrueTwit validation process, while taking only a minute or so, will put people off.

Secondly, Twitter spam does not usually come from those who follow you. Direct message (DM) spam is sent by tweeters who you follow, not the other way around.

Many active tweeters and bloggers about Twitter, myself included, do not like TrueTwit and do not follow accounts that use it.

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