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Dorset Cereals on social media

Earlier this year I created a list of the top Dorset-based businesses using Twitter. Dorset Cereals came near the top, so I decided to take a deeper look into how they’re using social media. 

Dorset Cereals have chosen to focus on just three social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Dorset Cereals FacebookDorset Cereals have amassed over 23,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook. Of their obvious competitors in the breakfast market, Weetabix has 161,000 followers while Kellogg’s has over 75,000 ‘Likes’ on its main UK and Ireland Page, over a million ‘Likes’ on its Frosted Flakes Page and a massive 4.7 million ‘Likes’ on its Pop-Tarts Page. But these are much bigger businesses.

At the time of writing, the most recent post on the Dorset Cereals Page is a spin (pun intended, as you’ll see) on the favourite technique for creating social media engagement - the competition.  Fans are enticed to enter the ‘Spin a bottle’ game running on the company website, in the hope of winning a place on a cookery course.

In fact, the previous twelve posts, going back to July, are all encouragements to enter competitions. Each one is accompanied by an attractive photo, many of which include Dorset Cereals’ products.

The company posts a Facebook entry once every 3-4 days, with each generating a good number of shares, comments and ‘Likes’. Fans can also post a general comment to the Page, resulting in a cluster of positive feedback messages. 

Through their Facebook Page, Dorset Cereals show support for around 60 other Pages for brands, events and charities, many of which are also in Dorset. While they are becoming a national brand, they’re retaining the local feel that helps set them apart from the more corporate food producers.


Dorset Cereals TwitterWhile they post the occasional promotional tweet, Dorset Cereals’ Twitter strategy seems to be largely reactive. That is, they’re listening out for mentions of their name by others in order to post a reply.

It’s perhaps surprising that so many people are keen to talk about the brands they’re buying and tweet pictures of bowls of cereal, but it gets a reply from the company. 

But that’s not to say Dorset Cereals always get it right. Just a few days ago they were drawn, inadvertently, into a mild exchange with a competitor over a mutual customer’s tweets, which drew some criticism.

Dorset Cereals Twitter discussion

Dorset Cereals do not link their Facebook posts to Twitter, but they do seem to have a link from Pinterest, where each picture pinned generates a tweet.

With over 20,000 fans on Facebook, it’s perhaps surprising that Dorset Cereals is yet to break through 10,000 followers on Twitter. But perhaps their relatively low-key approach is the explanation.


Dorset Cereals PinterestWhile visuals are important on Facebook, they’re everything on Pinterest. It’s no surprise that Dorset Cereal's boards are sumptuous - their approach is to present everything to the highest quality, forming a marketing message that clearly resonates with customers.

Dorset Cereals currently have 9 boards, 364 pins, 102 likes and 787 followers. That puts them way ahead of Weetabix with its 17 followers.

The boards range from showcasing the latest product packaging (one for the cereal anoraks, surely?) to a ‘Bells & Whistles’ board comprising an entirely random collection of images. The quality remains consistently high across all the boards. 

The competition theme promoted on Facebook also comes through to Pinterest, with a board entitled ‘Win Lovely Things...’.


You wouldn’t know it from their website, but Dorset Cereals do have a presence on Google+. It comprises three posts - two made in November 2011 and one in August 2012. Despite being almost entirely inactive, they have been ‘Circled’ (the equivalent to a ‘Like’ or ‘follow’) by over 100 other Google+ users.

At the very least, Dorset Cereals have made themselves findable on Google+ by having a Page, but have they made themselves accessible? Just this week someone commented on their Google+ Page: “Please be more active on Google+. I don’t use Facebook and Twitter.” Dorset Cereals Google+

Did Dorset Cereals get the message? And will they respond to it? Let’s wait and see. 






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