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How to link to a specific Facebook post

One way to increase the vislibity of your Facebook Page is to share a link to an individual post you've pubished.

Maybe you’ve shared a great picture or piece of news and you want to tell others about it by having them click through to Facebook. 

Every Facebook post has a unique URL or website address. To find it, click on the date or time stamp in the header of the post, the text that tells readers when the post was published. It’ll say something like ‘5 minutes ago’ or ‘14 hours ago’ or ‘Friday’ (example below).

Clicking on this link opens the unique page for that specific post, displaying the URL in the browser navigation bar.

You can now cut and paste this URL into an email, Twitter, Google+ or any other app through which you want to share it. 

Shared in this way, your Facebook post should be visible to everyone, along with its associated comments, even when the viewer is not logged into Facebook, or even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

This works for Facebook Pages, but if you are sharing links to a Facebook post on a personal account, be warned that the links may not work for everyone.

If the original post was shared with ‘Public’, the post can be accessed by anyone. But if the post was only visible to a more limited audience, such as ‘Friends’, the reader will be prompted to log into Facebook, and even then, they’ll only see the post if they meet the criteria you set.

If you’ve got something to share and you run accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other networks, wouldn’t it be easier to share the information across all of these, rather than posting a link back to Facebook?

The answer depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re trying to promote your Facebook Page, sharing links to specific posts can be more effective that posting generic ‘Please Like my Page’ messages.


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