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New step-by-step guide to learning LinkedIn

Cover of Become Really Effective on LinkedIn in Just 5 DaysWe’ve just launched our new ebook for Kindle, “Become Really Effective on LinkedIn in Just 5 Days”.

Anyone who’s looking for new work opportunities, be it a permanent job, contract work, or new freelance customers, should be on LinkedIn. It’s increasingly popular with recruiters, agencies and employers becasue it’s a rich source of talent.

LinkedIn understands this and in a bid to maintain its position as the leading professional network, it’s recently undergone a huge overhaul. If you haven’t used LinkedIn for months, next time you log in you’ll find that it looks very different.

Learn how to make LinkedIn work for you

Our ebook’s title sums up what it’s about. By following its five-day plan, you can go from being a LinkedIn novice to a confident user, someone who understands how LinkedIn works and, more importantly, you will have developed a routine for using the network to your advantage.

I was an early adopter of LinkedIn, opening an account years ago when I was an employee in a big software company. All I did was fill in my profile, which was like re-writing my CV, connect to some colleagues, and then I stopped. I didn’t know what to do next.

As a result, LinkedIn did nothing for me. Some years later, when I moved into self-employment, I updated my profile to show that I was now a copywriter. I also started exploring some of LinkedIn’s features.

Very soon after that, I was contacted by a start-up looking for a copywriter who understood ERP software systems, the complex systems used by big companies. “We found you on LinkedIn,” they said. My LinkedIn profile shows that I spent a decade in the ERP industry.

Since then, I’ve been much more active on the network and the time I’ve invested has won some exciting new clients. It’s also introduced me to a wealth of useful contacts, some local, others further away, who are a rich source of inspiration and advice. 

There’s more to LinkedIn than creating a profile

It’s quite likely that you already have a LinkedIn account and that you’ve set up a profile. But like so many others, you don’t know what to do next.

Unlocking success on LinkedIn is, as with any social network, about continued activity. You can spend hours crafting an exquisite profile, injecting all the right keywords and making use of the new rich media features. But if you don’t keep coming back to LinkedIn to post updates, add endorsements and recommendations, and reach out to new connections, you’ll slip down the search rankings used by recruiters, employers and agencies.

Our book was written for those who want to get beyond just creating a profile. It’s not a comprehensive guide to every feature - and it would be immediately out of date if it were, because LinkedIn keeps adding new bells and whistles. But it does cover everything that an enthusiastic user needs to know, and more besides.

“Become Really Effective on LinkedIn in Just 5 Days” is available as a Kindle ebook from all the Amazon regional sites. You don’t need a Kindle to read it because Amazon provide free reading apps for almost every computer, phone and tablet. Just follow the links below.

“Become Really Effective on LinkedIn in Just 5 Days” from Amazon.com.

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