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by Andrew Knowles

21 reasons why I know you're not serious about using Twitter for business

1. You don’t have a profile picture.

2. You do have a profile picture - of your pet. (The exception here is pet oriented businesses).

3. You don’t have a bio.

4. You do have a bio but it’s a quirky little phrase that says nothing about you. Or it’s stuffed with hashtags.

5. Your Twitter account is protected.

6. You use TrueTwit validation.

7. Your last tweet was two months ago.

8. You tweet once a week, at most.

9. You tweet every hour, with each post telling me how great your products are.

10. You tweets contain only links, with no text telling me why I should click on them.

11. All of your tweets originate from Facebook and half of them don’t make sense.

12. All your tweets are written in capital letters.

13. Almost every word in your tweet is a hashtag.

14. You use #teamfollowback in your tweets.

15. When I follow you I get an automated DM telling me about your fab Facebook page and begging me to ‘like’ it.

16. You use the phrase ‘check out’ in lots of your tweets.

17. You start a tweet with a ‘@’ when you clearly want it to go to all your followers. (It doesn’t).

18. You tell me about this great article on a website but don’t include a link.

19. Your language and opinions become increasingly extreme later in the evening.

20. The links in your tweets are broken or take me to the wrong page.

21. Your account has been spewing out hacker spam for some time now.

I’m sure you can think of more, so please share in the comments. And remember, these are my opinions and you’re welcome to disagree.

By Andrew Knowles @andrew_writer

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