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by Andrew Knowles

Reclaim your social media presence

Recently, Ive worked with a number of organisations whose social media presence was, and for some still is, a messy and inconsistent splatter of profiles and pages across the web. The result is an incoherent message that weakens, and could damage, their relationship with their customers.

The roots of this chaos are always the same. Well-intentioned geeks in their organisation rushed to set up Twitter and Facebook accounts when social media was still new and exciting. These enthusiastic early adopters staked a claim in the social landscape, but unfortunately thats often as far as they got. 

The result is Twitter accounts with half a dozen posts dated 2010, a business with both a Facebook personal profile and a page, and the possibility that login details to some, or even all, of these accounts have been lost. 

If you havent already, its time to clean up after the geek who rushed to set up those profiles that are now gathering digital dust. Take control of your social media presence before it does any more damage to your customer relationships.

Why you need to clean up your social media

Consumers are increasingly using social media as a communication channel. One in four people now use systems such as Facebook or Twitter as their preferred method of getting in touch with an organisation.

Theyll search for your social media sites and send you a message, either private or public. You dont want to miss those incoming messages because theyre an opportunity to engage with a customer. Nor do you want to give the wrong impression to people who are disappointed to find your social presence is woefully out of date, or worse, confusing because you have multiple accounts.

Failing to address your poor social presence can also impact on your own team, particularly the more forward-thinking who understand the value of tools such as Twitter and Facebook. If you have staff agitating to see improvement in this area, refusing to listen can create frustration that leads to them moving on. Some of your best people will want to work for an organisation that demonstrates potential and if they cant find that with you, theyll look elsewhere. 

How to clean up your social media mess

Follow these steps to begin taking control:

  • Search for your business and brand names on all the leading networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ etc. 
  • Make a list of all the social media accounts you know of or discover.
  • Identify who has control of these accounts.
  • Develop a social media strategy. This will determine which accounts stay, which go, and who will be in run them.
  • Educate your staff in social media, making them aware who is responsible for creating and managing accounts for your organisation.

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