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by Andrew Knowles

Top 10 Twitter users in Dorset

Being a social media enthusiast who now lives in the glorious county of Dorset, I thought it would be interesting to see who the region’s top tweeters are.

There are various approaches to defining the top Twitter users in Dorset. Is it the accounts with the most followers or those who’ve sent out the most tweets? Does it include individuals or organizations based in the county or just those who tweet about Dorset? 

To keep it simple, I decided just to list the top 10 Twitter users who appear when I typed ‘Dorset’ into the search box. I'll post some different perspectives on a Dorset Top 10 in the future.


The Twitter for Dorset Police stream has the accolade of being a verified account, hence the blue tick. Twitter has a team dedicated to checking that accounts really are being run by those they claim to represent and it’s important that we can trust the local police tweeter.

This account was set up in January 2010 and since then has sent out an average of 1.3 tweets per day. The tweets are limited to announcements of police appeals for information or police news, together with retweets from other agencies.


This combined Dorset councils’ Twitter stream is also a light tweeter, posting an average of two messages each day. Again, lots of announcements (often retweeted by @dorsetpolice) but with a little human interest. 

“Happy pancake day! What is your favourite pancake filling? #pancakeday” was a recent attempt at engagement. It generated a single response - “Chocolate...of course” - and, disappointingly, we weren’t treated to revelations as to our councillors’ preferred Shrove Tuesday pleasures.


Another official account, the content of which is predictable given the tweeter’s provenance. Lots of headlines with links to the BBC news website.


Dorset Wildlife Trust is demonstrating how valuable social media can be for charities and other non-profit organizations. Besides Twitter, they’re also on Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. Furthermore, they have the most followers of all the accounts listed here.

Significantly, this is the first account on the list to demonstrate real engagement with people, holding short conversations and retweeting posts made by local people.


Run from Weymouth, this account is the second-most prolific tweeter of this top ten, posting just over 25 tweets every day. Most are news headlines with links to the Dorset Echo website, but it does include a sprinkling of retweets from other Dorset tweeters.


This account must be Dorset’s top tweeter, sending out 78 tweets per day. Clicking on the links in its posts takes you to articles from original news sources, mostly from the Dorset Echo. It’s not clear who actually set up this account, but it seems to be entirely automated, with no attempt to engage with others.



This is the only other top ten Dorset account to be officially verified by Twitter. Its messages are a mix of announcements and safety reminders, such as “please don’t leave cooking #pancakes unattended tonight” (you can tell when I wrote this, can’t you?).

There’s some limited retweeting of posts by others, including @dorsetpolice and @DorsetWildlife.


This is the only commercial tweeter to make this top ten and is also one of the earliest adopters of Twitter, opening their account over four years ago. Dorset Cereals has embraced social media in ways that many other firms are yet to do, and it seems to be working for them.

As with most of the other accounts on this list, @DorsetCereals only follows a relatively small number of people compared to the number who follow them.

@DorsetTourism and @visit_dorset

These last two Twitter accounts in the Dorset top ten seem to be run by the same people and do the same thing. @DorsetTourism represents the Visit Dorset Tourist Board and @visit_dorset represents the visit-dorset website. 

A little confusing, really, but if it helps more people to discover this wonderful part of the world, we can’t complain. 

If you have a different view on who should be in the Top 10 Dorset Twitters accounts, please let me know by leaving a comment.

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